A New Language Learning Thai Centre teaches Thai and English language
courses in Koh Samui and offers various VISA services.

(Note: – you must call our office to verify current standing as Immigration vary the requirements regularly)

If you are a long term visitor to Thailand, then you will understand the hassle of all those visa runs, but with an Education Visa, they will be a thing of the past. After receiving your first 90 Days ED Visa from an Embassy or Consulate outside Thailand, you will get an extension that lasts 1 year. This extension can be re- applied for after the year and it may be possible to stay for five years while you study the Thai Language at A New Language School Samui.
This course is recommended for people who want to stay in Thailand for a year or more.
The course is planned for 200 hours over the period of one year, which equates to 8 hours of teaching each week and time off for public holidays.
By the end of only one year, you will be able to read, write and speak Thai with a large degree of accuracy and fluency and know a lot more about Thai people and their history.
Learning Thai while visiting Thailand for a long time, is a great way to immerse
yourself in Thailand customs, traditions and everyday living.
Our Ed Visa course covers all our Thai Language Courses.

The process and regulations for ED visa

Step 1: The applicants fill in the ED Visa application forms and submit to our school together with the following:
1. (6) copies of your passport with every stamped page.
2. (2) copies of departure card.
3. (36) photo size 2″ inch white background.
4. (3) pictures of a statement of your bank account minimum        50,000 baht. ( Bank account in Thailand or your country)
5. (2) copies of your certificate of education
6. Police Clearance or Police Certificate

Step 2: The school will submit the application documents to the Ministry of Education for approval. This process will take 3-4 weeks.
Step 3: After the applicants’ documents are approved by Ministry of Education, the school will contact the applicant to pick up the approved document from the school before your visa expires.
Step 4: The applicant will take the approved documents to obtain an Education Visa with a Thai Consulate or Embassy located outside of Thailand.
Step 5: After ED visa is issued from a Thai Consulate or Embassy you have to start to study Thai within 1 week and give us:
1. (4) Copies of ED Visa page.
2. (4) Copies of departure card.
Step 6: The school will send the documents from step 5 to the Ministry of Education again for them to process the documents for immigration.
Step 7: You take the documents to Maenam Soi 1 immigration before your visa expires and they will issue your Education Visa One Year Extension for learning Thai in Koh Samui.
Step 8: Every 90 days, go to stamp the visa at Maenam Soi 1 immigration. 3,000 baht fees and documents required.

Option 3 special offer: Please contact the school for information.
You apply for an ED visa in Thailand, no need to leave the country.

After one year all students are eligible to extend their period of study at the school yearly for up to three years. If they choose to do this, the school will prepare the required documents and there is no requirement for them to leave Thailand during this process.
If you need to travel outside of Thailand during your study period you can apply for a multiple entry visa from the embassy or consulate or for unexpected departure reason you can obtain a re-entry permit from immigration.
For more information about our Thai learning courses and our One Year Education Visa please don’t hesitate to contact us for a friendly chat at A New Language School Samui on- 077-426981 Mobile: 062-6616649 or e-mail: –